Deleted over 60k emails on Gmail, space usage still the same

I had 22GB of emails usage in Google. Then I went and deleted all emails bigger than 5M, then all with PPT or PPTX files. Then all from forums, promotions, updates and social. All in all over 60k emails. Now my usage is still showing 22GB and they want me to pay for more space. How can that be?

I also did delete the trash manually.

After some 30 minutes, the usage fell from 22GB to 18GB. So I managed to delete 4GB with 60k emails. However it’s still strange that I have 18GB in only 20k emails, and 4GB in over 60k deleted emails.


It could take up to 24 hrs. to the storage meter to be updated.


Source : Link , Question Author : Ska , Answer Author : Rubén

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