Deleting Users from Salesforce permanently

Its been quite while that a large number of Users were Deactivated and not need them anywhere in ORG. And the user list who were deactivated getting piled up to a heap now. Couple of users never logged into the system as well before deleting, seems like created incorrectly. Is there a way to Permanently remove a User details from Salesforce?

I know that as per all standard Salesforce Docs its mentioned that its only allowed to Deactivate/Freeze a user and not able to Delete/Purge it.

Just checking is there any possibility for this Delete/Purge permanently in any advanced level or something? Or raising a case with Salesforce team and they can do something, Any comments on this?


As of today, there’s still no way to do that. You can, however vote on this idea, that’s currently on review.

Source : Link , Question Author : Robert Thomas , Answer Author : Fernando Gavinho

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