Deploy incremental changes using Github and Jenkins

We are using Jenkins and Github to automate deployments from dev to test to production and currently do a full deploy (the whole package) based on what is stored in GitHub.

We would like to improve this by doing incremental builds => deploying only the changes commited to GitHub since the last deploy. (preferably using Jenkins)

I have found a couple of things (found, not tested)

What I want to know now is how I can decide between those or if there are other (maybe better) plugins that I can use.
For example the first 2 are older than 3 years and don’t support Lightning. The third has received some recent developments but has some issues according to GitHub.

Any help and tips are very welcome.


There are a bunch of third party solutions offering native CI for Salesforce. Full disclosure that I lead one of the companies building one but I’ll provide you with all options so you can investigate.

  1. Gearset – 30 day trial and no org install so easy to start with.

  2. Copado

  3. AutoRabit

  4. Flosum

SalesforceDX will also bring standardised tooling to make Salesforce CI easier to plug into ANT. The tooling will still be built ontop of existing standards so any investment in a third party today shouldn’t hamper you migrating later. Certainly I can speak for Gearset and all our stuff will be completely interopable

Source : Link , Question Author : Nielsm , Answer Author : Adrian Larson

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