Deploy to Production – Cancel Deploy After Test Failure

I am using the Ant Migration Tool for deployments. While utilizing this tool, all deployments are visible under the Monitor Deployments page. In a client’s production instance, they have more than 1200 unit tests currently written. As the tests run, it will tell you if there are any failures or not. These tests take about 45mins to run all the way through. If I see an error in test 100, I would love to just exit out, fix it, and try deploying again rather than waiting the full 45mins for that one error.

So, I don’t think this is possible, but can I cancel out of a deploy once I start it?


It is not currently possible to cancel a deployment; however, there is a Cancel Deployment idea on the Idea Exchange. Vote for it!

Source : Link , Question Author : Jesse Altman , Answer Author : Peter Knolle

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