Deployment Error on save from Developer Console

I noticed that I cannot save orupdate any code from the Developer Console (Apex Classes, Visualforce…). When I try to save a file, I get an error similar to this one:

An unexpected error has occurred. 1307199800-3660 (-1595400218) for deploymentId=1drS00000004lmFIAQ If this persists, please contact customer support.

Also, the tab is still displaying Saving: [my-component-name].

Any known problem or should I contact support directly?


1307199800-3660 (-1595400218) Is a GACK number, this generally means you have an error with salesforce itself.

The first part of this is the time stamp, the second part is the error code.
(Think that is the right way round)

If it continues i would contact salesforce

Source : Link , Question Author : jpmonette , Answer Author : TimChadwick

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