Describe call to sobjects with Tooling API fails

I am trying to make a describe call to CustomObject however I get no response back. The URL for the call is:

Note : I am describing entity “CustomObject” (Similar to CustomTabs) –
it is not a Salesforce Custom Object. To get the list of all Salesforce Custom Objects.

URL : /services/data/v33.0/tooling/sobjects/CustomObject/describe

[ { "errorCode" : "NOT_FOUND", "message" : "The requested resource does not exist" } ]

I am assuming this is a permission issue, But not sure which permission. Any help on this would be much appreciated.



I have figured it out. The User needs to have “View All” permissions.
Only then the CustomObject describe works..

Thank you all for your support..


Source : Link , Question Author : Kiba , Answer Author : Kiba

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