Dev Console jumpy on mouse scroll

Since yesterday my dev console is jumpy when I scroll with the mouse wheel.

I use windows on chrome at 80% zoom default. Putting it back to 100% zoom does not fix the problem.

I only have this problem in the Salesforce Developer Console (and by extension Salesforce) and does not occur on any other websites.

Does anyone knows why is this happening? Thank you!

RESPONSE FROM SALESFORCE SUPPORT: We have reached out to R & D about this issue and they are actively working on it. As of now, a possible work around for this issue is to use Firefox as this seems to be happening only in chrome.
Also, we currently do not have an ETA on the fix or a Known issue link. But in the near future, if you want an update regarding the issue, you can log a case with us by referring the investigation:- “W-3697984”


Go to chrome://flags/#enable-scroll-anchoring the highlighted option is Scroll Anchoring disable it.

Now you will see the message “Your changes will take effect the next time you relaunch Google Chrome.” in the bottom with a button RELAUNCH NOW, When you hit this button chrome will relaunch. So first save all your work and then hit this button.

Disable Scroll Anchoring in chrome

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