Developer Accounts for ExactTarget

Has there been any progress made on granting a developer account for SF and HubExchange Devs?
It feels conceptually wrong to me a SF product doesn’t allow developers to perfect and develop a wider solution offering without paying +10K license fee per year. Even without CRM the HubExchange market could be a richer portal for consumers and developers if we were allowed a means to test our concept.

I think we’d all be perfectly happy with an account that was blackholed or limited in such a way where we could only send a finite qty of emails to an email address associated to the user.

If there’s a forum or avenue where we can assist in raising the value proposition please let us know as I know there are many people looking.


I created a petition at iPetitions and I’m looking for 2500 developer signatures asking for this. You can locate the petitions here –

Feel free to spread the word.

Source : Link , Question Author : jimxclarke , Answer Author : Kelly J Andrews

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