Didn’t Receive Email—What Happened

I’m learning Salesforce Marketing Cloud and experienced some unexpected behavior today.

I sent a message to a number of data extensions. The number of recipients was upwards of 70,000. Before I sent the official email I sent a test specifically to my address. Everything looked good so I used Guided Send to send to the data extensions.

This was 4 hours ago and I have not received the message yet but my coworker who sits across from me has. This coworker and I likely would have been in the same data extension.

I verified that my name and email address are in the data extension. Does it just take this long to distribute to a huge list? Did it not send to me since I received a test send? Or is something likely wrong?

I checked all folders in my email and do not see it.

Thank you


I think this may be something that would be better asked to general support or your account rep…

But to answer your question as best I can, depending on volume, frequency and many other factors, the email can take days to be delivered. This is very unlikely to be the case, but is potential and considered acceptable behavior by mail transport.

I would also check your spam folder as if you have not had the IP/domain (server and clientside) white listed, with repeated sends(tests), it may have wound up there.

Source : Link , Question Author : Vecta , Answer Author : Gortonington

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