Discrepancies between downloaded Setup Audit Trail and SetupAuditTrail query

I have noticed that delegated user logins (i.e. when a managed package admin logs in via grant login access) show up in the downloaded setup audit trail, but do not show up in a SOQL query of the SetupAuditTrail object. This is referenced in the previous question here. Is there any documentation for this discrepancy? The linked question’s answer is unclear on this point, and I want to be able to document that using the query does not unintentionally exclude any other results.


This appears to be documented as a known issue. Summary:

Setup Audit Trail API not logging Login-As login event, only Login-As logout event

This is marked as having no fix, and unfortunately the workaround they suggest is getting the CSV via UI.

Source : Link , Question Author : SFDC Neuf , Answer Author : Victor Lockwood

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