Do configurations in Salesforce count against Storage Limits?

I have a client asking whether Salesforce configurations (objects, fields, etc) count against any of the limits they impose (specifically Data Storage). I’m pretty sure the configurations themselves shouldn’t, but I am having a hard time finding any hard evidence in the documentation surrounding this. Is it stated anywhere whether or not this is the case?

EDIT: To clarify, I know there are limits around each configuration (number of objects, fields, etc.). I’m specifically wondering whether they impact any of the storage limits that are implied to be for a customer’s data/files.

UPDATE: Response from Salesforce below

The data storage does not include the metadata. Below is more
information on what is counted as data storage or file storage.

Monitoring Resources:


I’m sure metadata does not count towards the storage limits, only the records stored inside those custom objects that maybe created. I doubt this is actually documented anywhere so the easiest step might be to file a case with support and send the response to the client.

Posted a link to the success community to try and speed things along, this might help:

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Source : Link , Question Author : Michael Welburn , Answer Author : Matt Lacey

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