Do Salesforce developers use Git? How? [closed]

Do Salesforce developers use Git? If they do, how does their development cycle look?

How do they import projects? Do they do that manually like “create zip – deploy using Ant”? Or maybe there is a closer connection between Salesforce and GitHub, for example?

For example, I want deploy a project from GitHub. Some installed packages are used in it and I don’t know which exactly. I can see only namespaces. How can I solve that? And generally what steps should I perform to accomplish deployment?


There are 3 sets of questions. I am not sure if I can answer the last one.

  1. Salesforce developers do use Git, either through in-house repositories or online repository hosts such as Github, Bitbucket etc. The following blog post goes into details of a typical development cycle:

  2. Projects that develop for the platform often use a combination of Migration Tool (FMT) or Eclipse and Ant build scripts to automate fetching from Git branches and deploy to target environments. One could also set up a continuous integration (CI) infrastructure, especially if the project is structured as short sprints. Here is an excellent article on how to setup Jenkins as a CI provider for Salesforce:

Source : Link , Question Author : Liudmila Likhovid , Answer Author : Gnana

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