Do some of you use Google Docs spreadsheet to conduct and share your statistical work with others?

I know most of you probably feel that Google Docs is still a primitive tool. It is no Matlab or R and not even Excel. Yet, I am baffled at the power of this web based software that just uses the operating capability of a browser (and is compatible with many browsers that work very differently).

Mike Lawrence, active in this forum, has shared a spreadsheet with us using Google Docs doing some pretty fancy stuff with it. I personally have replicated a pretty thorough hypothesis testing framework (including numerous parametric and nonparametric tests) originally done in Excel in Google Docs.

I am interested if any of you have given Google Docs a try and have pushed it to its limits in interesting applications. I am also interested to hear about the bugs or flaws you have encountered with Google Docs

I am designating this question “for community wiki” denoting that there are no best answers for this. It is more of a survey than anything.


My main use for google spreadsheets have been with google forms, for collecting data, and then easily importing it into R. Here is a post I wrote about it half a year ago:

Google spreadsheets + google forms + R = Easily collecting and importing data for analysis

Also, If you are into collaboration, my tool of choice is DropBox. I wrote a post regarding it a few months ago:

Syncing files across computers using DropBox

I have now been using it for about half a year on a project with 5 co-authors, and it has been invaluable (syncing data files from 3 contributers, everyone can see the latest version of the output I am producing, and everyone are looking at the same .docx file for the article).

Both posts offer video tutorials and verbal instructions.

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