Eclipse/ IDE not displaying errors in Problems pane – Summer 14 sandbox

I have been getting the ‘File only saved locally, not to server’ error today, and after checking Build Automatically, Work Offline and that the classes were listed in the project metadata listing, I deleted my project and created a new one. No difference.

I did discover, however, that the file(s) will be saved to the server if they compile/have no errors — it’s just that the errors, if there are any, do not appear in the Problems pane with a line number – the Problems tab indicates 0 errors, xNumber of Warnings, etc. and the little yellow warning icon appears at the top of the file and in the Package Explorer.

Any thoughts on this, aside from reinstalling the IDE itself?


There are a couple of issues in Summer ’14 that are causing pain with the Metadata API:

  • The checkDeployStatus() API call does not return deploy messages for API versions 28.0 and below. See known issue on the Success site.
  • Deployments via the Metadata API can succeed (as you are seeing – the files are saved) and the DeployMessage contains success: true, but it also contains problemType: Error – this is no doubt confusing Metadata API clients. See known issue on the Success site.

Both of these issues have now been fixed and rolled out to the Summer ’14 sandboxes. See the links above for details.

Source : Link , Question Author : Duncan Stewart , Answer Author : metadaddy

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