End user cannot open a .xls report exported from Salesforce

Whenever one of my end users clicks “Export Details” or “Printable View” on a report and chooses .xls (default), the report will download. When she clicks on it to open, Excel opens but the area where the report should be is blank and gray. This happens will all Salesforce reports she exports. Exporting to .csv is working just fine. Also to note, she has Windows 7 Professional and Microsoft Excel 2010.

I logged in as her from my laptop and was unable to replicate the issue as everything worked fine for me. We did a screensharing session and I logged in as myself on her computer, but we still encountered the issue.

Any other .xls files are opening just fine for her in Excel. She mentioned she did a Windows update yesterday and that might have something to do with it. It’s just curious that it’s only happening with Salesforce reports.

Has anybody else encountered this issue? Do you think this is more of a laptop problem or a Salesforce problem?


We experienced the same issue and found a workaround that works for us. Right click the excel file you downloaded, click on properties. On that screen hit the “unblock” button and then hit apply. You should be able to open the file now.

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Source : Link , Question Author : Piya Fiedler , Answer Author : Adrian Larson

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