Error when deploying project to scratch org

I am facing a problem when deploying a project to my scratch org. I have a custom object named Project Information. This object is accessible to admins and user and the permission is set using permission sets. When i try to execute sfdx:force:push -u ProjectMgmtScratch, i am receiving an error like this.

Information Layout.layout-meta.xml Invalid field:TASK.SUBJECT in
related list:RelatedActivityList.

I haven’t touched the Task object but still facing this error. Has anyone had issue like this?


I had to remove my duplicate rule and matching rule from my project. This might be a bug in salesforce(not sure).

I tried deactivating the rules but unfortunately could not deploy it. So, try deleting the matchingrule and duplicaterule folders.

don’t forget to delete the references of these rules from sourcePathInfos.json and metadataTypeInfos.json. These files contain matching and duplicate rule paths.

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