Exact Target : REST API. “Individual Email Result” in salesforce to track mail

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ok now got to know that its not tracked on Task, but an record under an object “Individual Email Result” is created and tracks the below fields
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    Email Name :ettest
    Lead :Test Test, Test Test
    From Name : Pravin 
    From Address :xxxx@cccc.com 
    Subject Line    :ettest 
    Date Sent   :2/12/2014 1:41 AM Opened : Not Checked Date Opened 
    Date Unsubscribed    
    Number of Total Clicks  :0 
    Date Bounced: Number of Unique Clicks   :0 
    Link "View Sent Email" all this is tracked.

how can we do the same for triggered send email from sf

Any Suggestions How to create this record and from where can i get this values and how to update the when its opened along with the no of times clicked


I added the below ampscript
mentioned details are captured but view sent email dose not work.
ET page in SF Displays JOB ID Missing any suggestions

     %%[ var @id
     set @id=CreateSalesforceObject("xtma_Individual_Email_Result__c", 7, "Name", emailname_, "From_Address__c",OwnerEmail,"From_Name__c",OwnerFullName,"Subject_Line__c",EmailSubject,"Opportunity__c",Whoid," Email__c",view_email_url,"RecordTypeId","01260000000Jxxx"

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