Exclusive differences Profiles vs permission sets?

I understand, the differences between Profiles and Permission Sets. I just wanna ask are there some configs that make Profile or Permission Set unique.

Are there things that could only be done via permission set and not via Profiles and vice versa ?


As far as i know anything you can do w permission sets you can do w profiles, but there are a few things that can as of now only be done w profiles.

The key UI difference in my experience is that only profiles can be used to control page layout assignment.

I took a look and at a top level, it looks like the following items are profile only. There may be others, I have not been able to find a clean list

Permission sets and profiles have come very close to parity. Now that record type assignment can be done in either, it’s just a few key things that remain, and these likely would remain on profile, as a user can only be assigned one page layout at a time, so it wouldn’t really make sense on a permission set.

FWIW, besides for the page layouts, which I knew about from general experience, I came up w this list by looking at a perm set and a profile in the enhanced editor and noted which top-level sections were missing from perm set.

Permission Set

permission set



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