Feature matrix comparision: Lightning Components vs. Visualforce (now and roadmap)

Within the last view days I found that a lot of basic functionality available in Visualforce is not available in Lightning Components right now. At some features I was surprised a bit, because I considered them as the heart-and-soul of the force.com platform. But since Lightning Components are evolving and still in BETA, it’s fine.

Now to save time for digging and testing each single feature individually, it would be very helpful to have a feature-matrix what we have (or have not) in Visualforce and Lightning right now and what is on the roadmap with a target date – and on the other side what is not on the roadmap and maybe why.

I know, I ask for a lot, but this is very important for developers to pick the right framework for a set of given requirements today.

Also to make reasonable decisions if a developer should start to build a feature on his or her own. Imagine you need to automatically populated picklist-values from metadata-definition: is it really not available?? should you start to implement it or not? If it comes within the next 6 months as a native feature, you might wait or continue with Visualforce. If it’s not on the roadmap at all, you might start to implement it immediately today…

Other features might be obsolete or there are best practices with entirely different approaches.

Is there any feature-matrix available?
Should we start something right now? Maybe here as answers?
I could contribute some points I found out. Unfortunately no tables are supported here at SFSE, otherwise I had had started already…


Please feel free to edit this answer! Caveat Emptor: I’m doing my best to update it as precisely as possible, but can’t promise everything is correct and stays correct.

To get things rolling, here is a collection of topics which belong to the feature-matrix I have in mind. Since most them have no final answer, I think this format might be a good start. I’ve added the intermediate (maybe wrong) results in square brackets at the end.


  • VF = Visualforce
  • LC = LightningComponents
  • + = available
  • ~ = partly available
  • - = missing
  • ? = unknown, not tested

Bugs or necessary workarounds I would count as missing.

Any suggestion on how to create a matrix or table here is welcome. Feel free to extent.

Forms and Inputs


  • Use Lightning Components in Visualforce [VF+]
  • Use Visualforce in Lightning Components [LC~]


JS Frameworks and Libraries

  • General Usability [VF+ LC~]
    • LC: you need to be careful since Aura in LC itself is a JS-Framework and might clash with additional frameworks. At dreamforce’15 they encouraged us to use additional frameworks as rarely as possible.
    • LC: See W 16 release notes on JS usage: only use the set of supported JS methods in the “Slimmed Down JavaScript API Doc”. SF is not guaranteeing support for code that uses unsupported methods.
    • VF: almost all frameworks will work nicely
  • Use CDNs [VF+ LC-]
    • LC: CDNs blocked by CSP, need to use Static Resources
  • Caching Prevention for updated Static Resources [VF+ LC?]
    • having an premier+ case open, yet


Media Output

  • PDF Generation [VF+ LC-]

Your feedback is very welcome, especially if I got something wrong, please let me know!

Source : Link , Question Author : Uwe Heim , Answer Author : Community

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