Filter empty date field in SF analytics api

Using the analytics rest api we need to add a filter to a date field to get only the records where this field is empty.
In json:

    "column": "Account.Date_Field__c",
    "operator": "equals",
    "value": ""

This filter is also shown if you fetch the report meta data from SF, so the syntax should be correct.

Till the rollout of Summer 14 release it was working a sexpected, after the release change we get the error message

Filter the date in the correct format. Accepted formats are yyyy-MM-dd’T’HH:mm:ss’Z’ and yyyy-MM-dd.

I checked to use null, but this leads to an error “574902135-2760 (-2136086741)”

Any ideas how to filter on empty date field?


when you pull the date field “Account.Date_Field__c” it creates Date_field__c_day_epoch and Date_field__c_sec_epoch fields. if these fields are having value as null or 0 then “Account.Date_Field__c” is either blank or Null or 1970-01-01. may be you can filter based on “Date_field__c_sec_epoch” to get the nulls or blanks values.

Source : Link , Question Author : user9876 , Answer Author : komal

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