Flowcharts to help selecting the proper analysis technique and test

As someone who needs statistical knowledge but is not a formally trained statistician, I’d find it helpful to have a flowchart (or some kind of decision tree) to help me choose the correct approach to solve a particular problem (eg. “do you need this and know that and that and consider data to be normally distributed? Use technique X. If data is not normal, use Y or Z”).

After some googling, I’ve seen several attempts of various coverage and quality (some not available at the moment). I’ve also seen similar flowcharts in statistics textbooks I’ve consulted in libraries.

A bonus would be an interactive site that, besides just having a chart, would provide extra info (such as assumptions) and would point to how to perform those techniques in popular stat packages. “Need to do ANOVA in R? You need package X and here’s a tutorial”.

I’m asking as a community wiki question in the hope there are better resources I couldn’t find. Since statistics is a large subject, I think such a flowchart would be suitable for techniques that can be approached by someone who has beginner or intermediate-level knowledge. Anything more complicated would need someone with formal training.


These are not really interactive flowcharts, but maybe this could be useful: (1) http://j.mp/cmakYq, (2) http://j.mp/aaxUsz, and (3) http://j.mp/bDMyAR.

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