IDE isn’t storing passwords

I recently installed the latest version of Eclipse (eclipse-java-kepler-R, with the IDE plugin ( Everything was working fine until this morning, when it had lost the credentials for the project I was working on.

I could re-enter the password and security token, the plugin connected to Salesforce, but as soon as I closed the IDE settings on the project and re-opened it, the credentials were gone.

Logging into Salesforce, and going to the Login History of my account, I saw the plugin connecting just fine.

How can I get it to start storing the passwords again?


I found a solution. I had to go into the Eclipse preferences and delete the values in “Secure Storage”.

  1. Select the Window/Preferences item.

  2. Go to General/Security/Secure Storage.

  3. Select the Contents tab.

  4. Select Force Projects and then click the Delete button.

After restarting, IDE was able to save my passwords again.

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