IDE unwilling to create New Project

Eclipse – Kepler (3.4), IDE latest version (a/o 7/1/14)
One project worked fine, another project was displaying errors & was unable to be upgraded. I deleted the project and went to create a new one, and am now getting the following error:

Unable to fetch organization details for ’’:

Invalid Api version specified on URL

To ignore this error and create an empty Project without connecting to the server, click Create Offline.

I’ve tried refreshing my security token, but I’m not seeing any change.


Here is the solution—I have just realized that you might have upgraded the IDE version to 31.0 as your sandbox is on summer release.You are getting the error when you are trying to connect to a sandbox or production org which is on spring release. You can connect to an org with a lower API version but not to connect to a higher version. That is the reason why you get Invalid Api version specified on URL error. So you will have to revert back to IDE version 30.0

Source : Link , Question Author : Duncan Stewart , Answer Author : varun guruvugari

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