Forcing a refresh in force:recordData

force:recordPreview had a ignoreExistingAction attribute that would force a server trip. I have an issue right now where I have two components:

  1. Comp A – Contains a list of sObjects, saves/updates using custom code.

  2. Comp B – Single component with force:recordData, that will display details from one of the records in the Component A’s list.

Right now, if CompA saves a record, and ComponentB had loaded the the record in question at any point, subsequent inits of ComponentB draw from the stale cache.

Any ideas?


ok – reloadRecord takes 2 undocumented arguments

reloadRecord(skipCache, callback)

so you can just do a


on init, or whenever you need.

Source : Link , Question Author : wellmstein , Answer Author : wellmstein

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