Generating hillshade from different ranged rasters

I have nine digital elevation model raster files in 16 bit unsigned TIF format from which I’m trying to generate hillshade. The reason for this is that my computer isn’t powerful enough for Blender to tackle only one or two files.

Everything works as expected and I’m very happy with the results, but only when I tried to merge them I realized that they look different.

enter image description here

I suspect it has something to do with the fact that each TIF has a different value range than the other eight. For example 1.TIF has 0 - 39961 and 2.TIF has 9791 - 40104.

I am using a node-based shading:

enter image description here

Using these files, is there anything I can do to generate hillshades that have the same value range so they don’t look inappropriate when merged together?


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