Gmail video chat tester bot?

For instance in Skype I have such as service in my contacts list called “Echo / Sound Test Service” which you can call up, record a message, and it plays the message back.

Does anyone know if there is a bot that can be called when you want to test out your Google video chat via Gmail?


Gmail checks settings with built-in tools. You simply go to Chat settings page and click on Verify your settings (it has a plus sign to the left). There the instructions are straightforward: camera capture is shown to the right and mic level indicates if it’s connected.

If you are using Google Hangouts instead of chat, you need to create an empty hangout, cancel the invitation dialog, and then click on the cogwheel at the top of the page (move your mouse if you don’t see it).

Source : Link , Question Author : leeand00 , Answer Author : dnbrv

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