Good, authoritative recent book on factor analysis and principal component analysis

Questions regarding factor analysis and principal component analysis, both here and elsewhere, reveal considerable confusion of terms, disagreements about requirements, different recommendations for different issues and so on. Different programs label the same output differently. There is a fairly bewildering number of choices of extraction, rotation and so on. In addition, there is confusion about exploratory vs. confirmatory factor analysis and how both differ from principal component analysis.

I studied factor analysis way back in the late 1990s. I’ve read a bunch of recent articles. I think I more or less know what I am doing. However, it would be good to know of some authoritative recent source; perhaps an edited collection.

Some quick searching on Amazon didn’t reveal any obvious candidates; are there any?


There was a conference in 2004 »Factor Analysis at 100. Historical Developments and Future Directions«.

An edited book of chapters based on conference presentations followed:

Cudeck/MacCallum. 2007. Factor Analysis at 100. Historical Developments and Future Directions. Lawrence Erlbaum.

From the preface:

This book is the result of a conference that was held at the University of North Carolina in the spring of 2004 to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of Spearman’s famous article. The purpose of the conference and of this book was to review the contributions of the last century that have produced the extensive body of knowledge associated with factor analysis and other latent variable models. The contributors also took the occasion to describe the main contemporary themes in statistical models for latent variables and to give an overview of how these ideas are being extended.

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