How are Salesforce1 and Aura related?

I have been playing around with Salesforce1 for a while now. I have also read several (unofficial) links which suggest that it’s built using Aura. I downloaded the Aura repo from github and have been looking at it. The high frequency of commits in Aura suggest that it’s still in active development. Apart from the github repo description which says – ‘is a UI framework for developing dynamic web apps for mobile and desktop devices, while providing a scalable long-lived lifecycle to support building apps engineered for growth’, I’ve NOT been able to find any documentation on Aura.

I’m interested in knowing if Salesforce1 is indeed built on Aura? If so, does Aura provide the HTML5 container for Salesforce1? If not, can anyone point me to any production-grade apps/ uses of the Aura framework?


Salesforce1 is indeed built on Aura, as confirmed in Josh Kaplan’s (Salesforce Aura Product Manager), Dreamforce 2013 session, Introducing Aura: Rapid Mobile Development with Reusable Components. It is also using the Salesforce Mobile SDK as well. This great collection of Dreamforce 2013 sessions featuring Salesforce1 also references the Aura session. Salesforce drinking its own champagne!

In that presentation btw, Josh and his team give some great insight into how production grade Aura really is, the journey they have taken with it since Salesforce Touch (which also used an early build) and a sneak peak at where it is going as native platform feature! I personally cannot wait, one to watch!

The source code is shared in GitHub, so you can even try it out and contribute!

Source : Link , Question Author : Gaurav Kheterpal , Answer Author : ca_peterson

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