How can I control the order of the G+ circles?

I thought the circles were listed in alphabetical order, and started prefixing them like “1-Family”, “3-Acquaintances”, “9-Strangers” but now I added a “5” which is listed last in the circles screen and in dropdown lists.

What’s the sorting logic, and can it be influenced?
(Of course this could be a feature they’re still working on.)


Just announced: You can now manually re-order your Circles.

Announcement on Google+ by a Google Engineer, with video

It’s now basically as easy as:

  • Go to your Circles tab
  • Drag and drop the circles into whatever order you wish.

Left to right will appear highest to lowest on the sidebar when viewing your stream and wherever else your circles list appears.

Source : Link , Question Author : Torben Gundtofte-Bruun , Answer Author : Eight Days of Malaise

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