How can I convert 1930s dollars to today’s (cost of living adjustment)? [closed]

Google Calculator can convert one currency to another at today’s exchange rates, but often I’ll want to convert one currency to itself at a different time.

For example, what would $1,000 in 1930 be worth in today’s dollars?

Is there a Web app to do this?


Slap it into WolframAlpha (although I still dislike the guess-the-syntax game)

Here is what you can use.

compute the current value of a historical quantity of money

$1000 (1930 dollars)

compute historical equivalent value of today’s money

1000 current dollars in 1930

convert one historical quantity of money to another

$1000 1930 dollars in 1975$1,000+in+1930+be+worth+today

This returns

$ 12952.10(2010 US dollars)

Also gives the purchasing power.

alt text

Source : Link , Question Author : Joe White , Answer Author : Glorfindel

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