How can I export my Google chat logs? [closed]

In the spirit of taking responsibility for my own data, I regularly fetch my gmail emails via IMAP for backup.

However, this doesn’t include the Google Talk chat logs which are also available in Gmail. Is there a way to export those logs? The data liberation front doesn’t seem to have any information about google talk.


The IMAP interface to Gmail now provides access to chat messages. If you had already set up Gmail IMAP, then you only have to enable the IMAP visibility for the “Chat” label in the Gmail settings (in the “Label” tab, a “show in IMAP” tick box is available for each label).

Update: this method works for Google Chat, but NOT for Hangouts, only conversations of the type Google Chat are exposed via IMAP, roughly all conversations until Spring/Summer 2013, depending on when one has enabled Google Hangouts.


The latter link provides an alternative to download via Google Takeout in the JSON format

Source : Link , Question Author : Wim Coenen , Answer Author : Thomas B in BDX

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