How can I hide chat history from my Gmail inbox?

Gmail’s new interface for chat history has apparently also had the side effect of showing chat logs as items in my inbox. I don’t want this (I can look in the Chats label for those, thank you very much).

Can I prevent chats from appearing in my inbox? Adding the following subject logic to a filter (which is how I used to prevent them from appearing) no longer seems to work, as chat history items no longer appear to have a “subject” field at all:

-"Chat with"

Is there any other way I can prevent chat logs from appearing in my Inbox?


I figured out how to get a filter to keep chat logs from appearing in the inbox. Create a filter with the following logic in the “Has the words” section:


Anything matching this filter should “Skip the inbox” as its action. Problem solved!

Source : Link , Question Author : Jonah Bishop , Answer Author : Jonah Bishop

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