How can I replace Mavensmate and Sublime Text with something supported?

I was a big fan of Mavensmate and while it is still working I don’t like to work with software which is not supported. I find the Salesforce development eco system quite confusing. There seems to be many different tools out there.

Ideally I would like to use emacs for writing apex. I assume this is possible to write some emacs lisp to integrate with the SFDC apis but probably a lot of work. I see Visual Studio Code has good support also.

How can I quickly use Visual Studio Code to write apex code in a Sandbox. I am confused between the SFDX and the FORCE CLI. I didn’t find any good guide. Can I use sfdx with normal old fashioned Sandboxes. Please help this noob?


I use these three: SFDX, the Force CLI and ForceCode (a VS Code Plugin).

SFDX can be used to work with Sandbox, Production, and Scratch Orgs.

The Force CLI is a grandparent of the sfdx plugin. SFDX represents a new era of development and is not yet optimised for all possible use cases and takes some time to ingest.

If u want to have a quick start with development / saving against an existing sandbox I strongly recommend ForceCode for VSCode. Set Password + Token and be done.

In the future, the Salesforce VSCode Plugin will surely replace ForceCode sooner or later. But for now, its a fast and easy way to work with existing orgs.

Source : Link , Question Author : KennyBartMan , Answer Author : Christian Szandor Knapp

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