How do I find out all the users who retweeted a tweet of mine?

The “Your tweets retweeted” page on Twitter shows which of your tweets have been retweeted, but usually it says something like “retweeted by @madeuptwitteraccount and others” is there any way to find out (a) how many people have retweeted a tweet and (b) what their twitter IDs are?


The answers so far will only give you at most 100 retweets. There is an API method that returns up to 100 entries of a cursored collection (so you can page through it to get more), though.

There’s more information on the Twitter Developers site at GET statuses/retweeters/ids, though you’ll also want to read their page about Using cursors to navigate collections.

Edited to add:
That said, the first thread on the Developers site that surfaced in a quick google has @episod, a Twitter employee saying:

You can’t likely get to all of them. The data is spread out. Your best bet is to use the REST API to determine many of the users who performed the retweet, but the data will still be constrained.

It’s easiest to track retweets as they happen rather than try to find them from the past. Use the Streaming API for that.

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