How do I use Type.forName to deserialize a generic list of SObjects?

When the new Apex type methods were added in Summer ’12, it was possible to do

Type t = Type.forName('MyClass');
MyClass newObj = (MyClass)t.newInstance();

What is the equivalent when I want to instantiate a List of such a class for which I only know the name at runtime?

I am also trying to create multiple records using JSON.deserialize. I think the answer to the earlier question may also help me with creating a List of such objects with JSON.deserialize(jsonStringOfSeveralObjects, appropriateListClass).

Note: I am able to use a Type method to create a record of a custom object like this:

Type oType = Type.forName(‘MySobjectName’);                                           
sObject rec = (sObject) JSON.deserialize(jsonString, oType);

But when the JSON string is an array of objects I am unable to use a method similar to the example shown below:

List<InvoiceStatement> deserializedInvoices = 
    (List<InvoiceStatement>)JSON.deserialize(JSONString, List<InvoiceStatement>.class);

Can you suggest the right format to use with List<> to create multiple records? I am specifically looking for corresponding substitutes for List<InvoiceStatement> and List<InvoiceStatement>.class that can be dynamically determined.


The trick is to deserialize into a List<SObject>. This works for me:

String jsonString = '[{"Name":"A1"},{"Name":"A2"}]';
Type t = Type.forName('List<Account>');
List<SObject> lo = (List<SObject>)JSON.deserialize(jsonString, t);
for (SObject o : lo) {
    System.debug(o.getSObjectType().getDescribe().getName() + ', Name: ' + o.get('Name'));


Account, Name: A1
Account, Name: A2

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