How do you delete a class from production without using an IDE?

I want to delete a previously deployed class. Is there a way to do it strictly through the web interface (sandbox and/or production)?

I’m kind of surprised that something like this isn’t at least slightly easier to do.

When looking for an answer every place explains how to do it through the IDE but I don’t have access to a security token that can do that, I only have access to their sandbox and production accounts through the “grant login” feature (custom work on a client’s system).


I am 99.999% sure that you cannot delete the class through the Salesforce Web interface. You cannot do it through Changesets.

I believe that you have to use something backed by the metadata API such as the IDE or the Ant Migration tool with a destructiveChanges file. That is no help for you, however, since you’d need the token in your situation.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ryan Elkins , Answer Author : Peter Knolle

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