How do you keep up to date with the latest research?

After reading this question regarding arXiv and finding a link to GitXiv which I was previously unaware of, I wondered, what websites/resources do people use to keep up to date on the latest research in their area?


As a data scientist, I need to keep up with the latest research in the computing, software and the data domains. And here are some things which I do to keep myself updated (apart from lurking in Gitxiv):

  1. Quora: Amazing trove of information. This is a place where one can get questions answered by experts and also learn about information. So, it is a great place to keep oneself updated about the advancements in the computing and the software industries and the domain of interest.
  2. Data and software Blogs: There are a plethora of data blogs on the internet. All of them have rich theoretical information, and some even explain real world data projects really nicely. The software blogs help me in keeping myself up-to-date about latest software practices and latest data science software too. Example
  3. Engineering Blogs: The reason behind listing this as a separate bullet is because they are addictive. They are excellently written, and talks about the state of the art data and software practices followed at some top companies. Some of my favourite are: Buffer Airbnb and Pinterest
    Bonus: This Quora question
  4. LinkedIn groups: LinkedIn groups are a great way to ask questions and interact with some of the best in the industry. The LinkedIn pulse is also a great way to keep oneself updated with wonderful posts from top influencers.
  5. Asking people doubts: Asking people specific and nice doubts would be very helpful and a nice way to interact with some of the best in the industry. A related example.

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