How to Activate a File Drop Automation via the API

I can create a file drop triggered automation through both SOAP and REST API’s but I cannot figure out how to switch them from “Inactive” to “Active”. Any help would be be greatly appreciate, thanks!


I have the same problem with a different type of automation (asked here), so I feel your pain. This probably won’t help you, but just in case: For the specific case of a file drop, if your application is dropping the file, it’s possible to create an import definition and perform it in a single SOAP call after the file has been placed in the FTP folder.

Here is an example of a payload we use for this purpose:

                  <PerformRequestMsg xmlns="">
                        <Definition xsi:type="ImportDefinition" xmlns:ns1="">
                           <DestinationObject xsi:type="ns1:DataExtension">
                                <ObjectID xsi:nil="true"/>
                                <CustomerKey>ExactTarget Enhanced FTP</CustomerKey>

Good luck.

Source : Link , Question Author : Brett , Answer Author : Rocky

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