How to add filter and label to group in Gmail contacts?

I have my Gmail contacts sorted into groups. In my mail I also have labels associated with filters-for specific people I have a filter associated with a label.

For the filter creation, how do I associate a filter with a group in the ‘contacts’. In other words, ‘family’ which is a group label in my contacts; rather than the list of email addresses?


I don’t think Google supports this feature, but I found a workaround from 2008 that might still work:

  1. Create the group in My Contacts
  2. Compose an email to said group
  3. Copy the “To:” field
  4. Paste into the “Convert” textbox here
  5. Copy the the “Convert” output into a new filter

Try it and let us know if it does what you’re looking for.

Source : Link , Question Author : Vass , Answer Author : hairboat

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