How to check debug logs for installed App?

how to check debug logs for installed app? Is there any way to check those ?
What are the best ways/practice to follow when developing app, so that we can get some logs in case something goes wrong on client installation ?

Basically I am looking for, how to design or develop app so that we can get some info about problems in client org (if something goes wrong).

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Have a read of the discussion board post Logging from a deployed managed package. You can use subscriber support from the License Managing Application that is associated with the managed package.

Sadly this won’t help you with a beta managed package or one that hasn’t passed the app store certification yet. IMHO it is a bit of a hole in the logging functionality, as this is often when you most need access to the logging. I raised the idea Expose logging from a Beta managed package in the deployed org to see if the situation could be improved.

Outside of that the next best option is to create your own logging custom object and write important logging events there. I’d probably combine this with a custom setting so it is only written to when required.

Here is link how to check Debug logs for your app package –

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