How to claim contributions on GitHub

A project I used to work on has recently moved from using self-hosted Subversion to GitHub-hosted git for its source control solution. My name appears in the commits, but I can see no way of claiming these as being “mine” from my github account.

I know there must be some way of doing this, as other contributors have their contributions linked to a github account, even before the move was made to using github.

Can anyone tell me how I can claim these changes as being mine?


GitHub user account matching for commits is done via the email address associated with the git commit on one side (i.e. your setting) and those associated with the GitHub account on the other (see “About commit email addresses” and “Why are my commits linked to the wrong user?” in the GitHub User Documentation). To match your commits to your account, just add their associated email address(es) to your GitHub account.

Source : Link , Question Author : TZHX , Answer Author : kopischke

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