How to control workflows order of execution

I have two workflows on an Object. I want Workflow-2 to always evaluate/run after the Workflow-1. Once the Workflow-2 is completed then Workflow -1 should be evaluated.

Is there a way to control the order of execution ?


While there is no native way to handle this, one could hack something together using custom fields. You could add a number field, Workflow_order__c or similar, and use it to chain your workflows together.

To do so:

  1. Start off with Workflow_order__c set to 0.
  2. Have workflow 1 check Workflow_order__c = 0 in its criteria
  3. Have workflow 1 update Workflow_order__c to 1
  4. Have workflow 2 check Workflow_order__c = 1 in its criteria
  5. Repeat as necessary
  6. Have the last workflow reset Workflow_order__c to 0

Another option would be to just use a checkbox, if you only to kick off one additional workflow, but a number field gives you greater flexibility.


As sfdcfox points out below, there are some limitations to this method:

  1. You must have “Re-evaluate Workflow Rules after Field Change” enabled
  2. Your maximum depth is five (5) workflows chained together

Source : Link , Question Author : amidstCloud , Answer Author : Mike Chale

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