How to create coloured tables with Sweave and xtable? [closed]

I am using Sweave and xtable to generate a report.

I would like to add some coloring on a table. But I have not managed to find any way to generate colored tables with xtable.

Is there any other option?


Although I didn’t try this explicitly from with R (I usually post-process the Tables in Latex directly with \rowcolor, \rowcolors, or the colortbl package), I think it would be easy to do this by playing with the arguments in print.xtable(). It basically expect two components (passed as list): (1) row number, and (2) LATEX command. Please note that command are added at the end of the specified row(s).

It seems to work, with the colortbl package. So, something like this

m <- matrix(sample(1:10,10), nr=2)
print(xtable(m),,"\\rowcolor[gray]{.8} "))

gives me

enter image description here

(This is a customized Beamer template, but this should work with a standard document. With Beamer, you’ll probably want to add the table option when loading the package.)


Following @Conjugate’s suggestion, you can also rely on Hmisc facilities for handling TEX output, see the many options of the latex() function. Here is an example of use:

## print the second row in bold (including row label)
form.mat <- matrix(c(rep("", 5), rep("bfseries", 5)), nr=2, byrow=TRUE)
w1 <- latex(m, rownamesTexCmd=c("","bfseries"), cellTexCmds=form.mat, 
            numeric.dollar=FALSE, file='/tmp/out1.tex')
w1  # call latex on /tmp/out1.tex
## highlight the second row in gray (as above)
w2 <- latex(m, rownamesTexCmd=c("","rowcolor[gray]{.8}"), 
            numeric.dollar=FALSE, file='/tmp/out2.tex')

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