How to define what a “sample” is?

If I give you three numbers that are independently and identically drawn from a standard normal distribution, then have I given you three samples or one sample?
If the answer is one sample, then is there a short name for what I have given you three of?


Sometimes I appeal to glossaries of statistics, and they usually help. Search and bookmark one you like or think it is most helpful.

For example, here are some definitions retrived from the “Glossary of Statistical Terms” from website.

  1. Units: a member of a population

    A unit could also be interpreted as an observation from a population.

  2. Sample: a sample is a collection of units from a population.

  3. Random sample: a random sample is a sample whose members are chosen at random from a given population in such a way that the chance of obtaining any particular sample can be computed. The number of units in the sample is called the sample size, often denoted n. The number of units in the population often is denoted N. …

The definition of random sample continues, but here I quoted the relevant part related to the question.

Source : Link , Question Author : sam , Answer Author : Andre Silva

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