How to embed standard page in vf page?

My requirement is to embed standard opportunity home page to visual force page,

enter image description here

I have tried using iframe but i don’t want to show sidebar and header of standard page.

For removing the sidebar and header i tried javascript to display it none but it is violating the cross-domain rule of browser security.

Any work-around/suggestions would greatly appreciated.


You can try a parameter that sf uses but claims is not officially supported. Your iframe src add as follows: /006/o?isdtp=vw. Good luck.

I tried creating a simple page to do this, and tried the “lt” parameter (the only other one I know about).

<apex:page >
     <apex:sectionHeader title="Test Opportunities"/>
     <apex:pageblock >
          <apex:iframe src="/006/o?isdtp=lt"/>

For me, the links are not underlined, but they are “click-able”.

Source : Link , Question Author : SFIntegrator , Answer Author : JimRae

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