How to find/stop/disable Apex Jobs that a read-only user has activated

As a followup to this question, Contact last-modified date changed by read-only user – it appears that the source of the issue might be that a read-only user some how activated APEX batch jobs that appear to be part of the NPSP (non-profit starter pack); NPSP-info & NPSP-code.

Here’s a screenshot of the Apex Jobs; note that under “Submitted by” that I’ve replaced the real “read-only” user’s name with read-only, and my name with SysAdmin; everything else should be as it is seen in Salesforce:

Apex Jobs

SOURCE: [insert-instance-id]

Apex Classes listed above appear to be:

  • BATCH_OppRollup
  • RecurringDonationsPkgVersionCheck
  • RecurringDonations_BATCH
  • SCHED_OppRollup

Of note is that on 2014-05-20 1000s of contacts were flagged with the read-only user’s name under the last-modified-date field with a time-stamp of roughly 11:45ish of 2014-05-20. This time-frame paralleled a group training session, but it appears that the issue may go back to when the user first got read-only access. The events with the SysAdmin (me) match the time stamp (5/1/2014 8:15 AM) for the install of that package in installed packages reports.

What are these APEX jobs? How and where were they activated by the user? Is there a way to figure out what if anything they did? How do I kill them? Going forward, if they’re not required, how do I hide and/or disable them from users?


Looks like fun! The only way this can occur is if job was deleted, and then your read-only user hit Recurring Donations Settings page before you or somebody else did.

You can just delete the job as eyescream mentioned above, then navigate to the Recurring Donations settings page and it will reschedule as you, the jobs will then run as your user from that point on. I’d also lock-down your read-only user’s profile to avoid this happening again.

Incidentally, the repos you want are here for the version you’re running:

and here for the next release:

Source : Link , Question Author : blunders , Answer Author : kmb

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