How to fix ‘Modifier is disabled, skipping apply’ error?

I’ve tried to answer this question: Removing Armature and Keeping pose and apply the Armature Modifier, when suddenly the ‘Modifier is disabled, skipping apply’ error window appeared. How to fix it, so I may apply the modifier?
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Without proper settings a modifier is “disabled” as it can’t perform it’s task. To enable a modifier, suitable options need to be chosen – for the armature modifier that is assigning an armature to it.

armature modifier

Given that the modifier is not doing anything you could also delete it without effect.

Source : Link , Question Author : Paul Gonet , Answer Author : sambler

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  1. I’m using Blender 3.4. Apparently, the Boolean tool is the only addon that works. Other addons result in the “Modifier Disabled skipping apply” error. I’ve checked in Blender Forums, Internet and YouTube…. and haven’t found why this error can’t be fixed.
    Gary Stanullwich


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