How to get started with rating and ranking based on pairwise competition data?

I’m interesting in learning about how to rate and rank individuals in a group who only interact/compete in a pairwise fashion (i.e., systems like the ELO rating system for chess).

  • Are there are any go-to methods or more accurate and advanced methods out there?
  • Are there any R packages that make implementation easy?
  • Are there methods that can use auxiliary information as well as the outcome of a match/game?
  • Are there methods that can better use the information of winning margin as opposed to dichotomous win/lose?
  • What should I be looking for in the literature?


Regarding “how to do it in R”, the prefmod package is meant for preference analysis with paired comparisons, rankings and ratings. It fits Bradley-Terry models and pattern models with object and subject covariates. See my answer here How to fit Bradley–Terry–Luce model in R, without complicated formula? for a short intro, or this paper for more info.

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