How to get the URL of a community builder page

I have created a page in community builder and configured an URL for this page. (see image)
enter image description here

When I use this URL to make a redirection I get a page not found error.

The Url I end up with is this:

What I did now is add an “s” in the url because this seems to be there for all URLs.

The Url I end up with now is this:

And this works.

Now the question is if it is safe to hardcode an url like this or if it is likely to change in the future?


URL’s are subject to change in lightning communities, however, this does not happen overnight.

These update(s) usually happen with Lightning Community Template Updates:

enter image description here

So, as long as you don’t update your template, if you hardcoded a url, it should not break.

Source : Link , Question Author : Nielsm , Answer Author : glls

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