How to hide / show “New Task” and “New Event”

Im a newbie in Salesforce.

We have Opportunities field name “Status” where in the sales consultant will select only “Open” and “Close”.

In a Related Lists, we have a button “New Task” and “New Event”. These button should be displayed while the Opportunities still Open. Hence, these buttons should be Hidden when the opportunities status is close.

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Any idea how to configure it.


As Brovasi said, the only way to be able to configure this is to have separate record types and page layout for each “Status” and have a workflow field update that will update the recOrd type when status changes.

An alternative would be to have a validation/trigger written on Task/Event(again there will be 2 separate triggers/validations) that would check for the Opportunity.Status=”Open” and only then allow user to create a new task/event.

Source : Link , Question Author : Ferdinand Banu , Answer Author : Shailesh Deshpande

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